Vintage Vans was born from a thirst for adventure and roadtrip. Following a three-and-a-half-month trip through the Americas aboard our first van, a 1981 Dodge Transvan, we decided to share our passion for vintage roadtrips and vans! The '' vanlife '' brings a feeling of incomparable freedom, and we wanted to make it accessible to all.


In the current market for van rental, the prices are staggering. We decided to democratize the market by offering a more affordable price range.


We want our customers to live a special, nostalgic experience that will take them out of their routine by offering them completely refurbished quality vehicles from the 70s and 80s at better prices than those demanded by the competition!


We encourage you to play outside, discover nature all over North America, go camping and do all kinds of outdoor activities! In our opinion, the vanlife is the most appropriate way to travel and discover, at a reasonable cost! We Hope to inspire you and help you for your roadtrips!


The team of Vintage Vans

~ Adventure ~ Nostalgia ~ Experience ~